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According to the State of Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner long term care refers to assistance needed for an extended period of time due to a chronic illness or disability. It can be provided in your own home, a nursing home, an adult day care center or hospice. Long term care provides assistance with tasks like bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and taking medicines. This type of aid is not only needed by the aging population, but also by many working age adults who live with certain disabilities.

Such assistance sometimes can be provided by family members or friends, but frequently requires skilled medical professionals. Regardless of who is providing the services, the costs are extensive. Moreover, Medicare does not cover long term care services for extended periods of time. As a result, many people in need of this care spend down their savings until they become eligible for Medicaid.

Long term care insurance allows you to protect your assets and receive high quality care. Policies vary in the duration and extent of coverage. Our agents will help you determine the coverage that is best for your financial and medical situation. Contact us today.

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